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    another reason why to keep nook

      http://ireaderreview.com/2013/06/15/kindle-reading-apps-dangerous-strategy-for-kindle-in-the-long-term/                        this I agree with why b@n I hope keep making the nook .I know mostly talks about kindle same goes for nook.With the news or is it rumors about them going away from hardware more towards apps.what happens if apple and google do lock out nook and or kindle app or make it harder for the buyer to use nook or kindle app easier to use there own built in one or they could find a way to charge amazon or barnes and noble more money to to have there apps on there device.

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          Translating that as best I can...


          I agree with this, and feel B&N should not abandon producing hardware Nooks.  I know the article talks about the risk for Kindle, and in turn Amazon, but the same risks apply to B&N and the Nook should they follow suit.  With the confusion in the media, and the rumors of B&N moving away from hardware I'm worried that they seem to be relying on Apple and Google, both of whom have ebook services of their own.  There seems to be little preventing either of those companies from putting up barriers for the Nook app on their individual ecosystems.