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    My Nook won't turn on!

      Ahhh!! So My Nook Color won't turn on. I plugged it in to charge, the green "n" on the charger turned on... Just went to unplug it, and now it won't turn on! I just tried to connect it to my computer, and the same thing happens.. doesn't turn on, but the "n" is green.


      I've never "rooted" my Nook, only installed 3.0 onto and SD card, then erased the SD card, and installed 2.2 on the card. I've never actually touched anything on the Nook's hardware itself.



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          Did you try holding the button in for a few Seconds? The button on the top left. Try this also while its pluged in. Hope this helps.
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            Ding ding...We mite have are 1st "bricked" NC
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                I thought mine was the first brick .... last week.


                I had a similar problem (before the SD card got stuck incident) and spent about an hour google-searching for suggestions.  OP indicated that he was using an SD card to boot/root, as I was.  Apparently this can 'occasionally' cause the NC's boot sector to become corrupted which causes it to not turn on (paraphrasing because I can't find the post right now).  The suggestion that worked for me was to press and hold the Power and N buttons together for 5-10 seconds and then release them - with the boot SD card removed, the regular NC boot screen appeared and all was well.  Another suggestion involved an even more complicated set of button holds (power-N-volume+)


                 ... Is 'google-searching' a verb yet?  :smileywink:

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                    This worked for me!  I tried holding down all three: power, nook button and volume +.  Nothing else worked.  I was searching for the hole to press with a paper clip like the laptop / desktop computers. Hard to figure out what to do if you can't take the battery out ...


                    Thanks for the suggestion. Back to reading.


                    By the way, I added an SD card this afternoon, and shortly after that, my trouble began.



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                        I hope someone can help me as I am really frustrated! Hang in there, it is a lengthy story!


                        I bought a used NC 2 days ago. The guy showed it to me using his BN account and everything worked fine. He removed his account, which erases all data. No problem. It went through the screen of erasing all data, then went to the "read forever" screen, where it seemed to hang for about 30 minutes before I held down the power button long enough to turn it off (20 - 30 seconds). As you may have guessed from the title of this post, it wouldn't turn back on!


                        Fast forward about 8 hours of searching the Internet, including this community, and trying literally EVERYTHING I could find, including: holding the power button down for 2 seconds, 20 seconds, 60 seconds; in combination with the n button, the n button and + button; charging it all night - the light stayed yellow, never turned green;I even took the back off and unplugged the battery (which I have read can't be done, but the tiny wiring harness was there and I unhooked it) for 30+ minutes and hooked it back up. The most promising, yet unsuccessful, method was to hook it up to a computer, which was supposed to turn it on. The NC didn't turn on, though the computer DID recognize it when I held the power button for 2 seconds, then it would beep and the pop-up would disappear as if I had unplugged it.So I figured from this that the NC wasn't completely dead, because I could see that something was happening. Yet, I couldn't get the screen to do anything.


                        I kept trying different combinations of button pushing over the next few hours. Shock of shocks, 3-4 hours later, after doing nothing, I pressed the power button for 1 sec. and the screen flickered and the NC burst into life, fully reset!


                        I used it a bit yesterday, the battery said 90% the last time I used it. This morning the screen had the red battery saying it was too low to function. I had left the wifi on, not thinking that would be an issue. I plugged it in and it had the "read forever" screen. It was that way for a long time, too long in my mind. I unplugged it and the screen stayed that way. It wouldn't respond to anything except powering it down by holding the power button for 20 seconds. Guess what? Won't turn on now!


                        Sorry about the novel. The point is, this is twice in two days that it wouldn't turn on and I don't know why. Any help would be much appreciated!

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                        I was reading on my NC this morning, put it in sleep mode and went to work.  When I tried to turn it on to read during lunch...  Nothing!...  I tried the n button, the power button, held one and then the other in both orders, still nothing.


                        Pushing both together worked for me.  Thanks.



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                          (power-N-volume+) this solved my issue thanks.
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                        Just kidding. Does the screen flicker at all when you hold the power Btn?
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                            Thats exactly what happens to mine it goes the that black screen that says "Nook reader..furture..blah blah" then it shows the nook symbol then it goes to the white screen that saya  nook clolor. sometimes it start to download a "update' but then it just starts all over again.

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                                To Cleo, I would suggest that if you have an SD card inserted, you take it out.  Device hangs from SDcards that are starting to go south sometimes present in weird half-boots.  It sounds as if you have already gone past 8 failed boots, the system is trying to reinstall itself, and can't do so.  It may well be that it can if there is no SD card present.


                                To Kate, it sounds as if there could be a charger problem, a cable problem, or a nook problem.


                                You can eliminate two of these if you have a different micro SD cable and connect your NC to a USB port while your computer is on.  The NC can slow charge over USB, so if either your cable or your charger is to blame, using a different cable will slowly charge you up over several hours (I've seen it work in as little as 4 hours on my NC.) 


                                If that doesn't work, your nook may need to be replaced, sad to say, as probably the problem is with either the USB fitting or the battery. 


                                If you have an SD card in it, removing that is worth trying for your device also, as well as charging from a PC via a different cable. 

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                              Good luck bringing it back to the store.  I have found BN customer service to be nothing short of horrible.  I also recently purchased a nook color with the extended protection plan.  After less than a month I noticed some dead pixels in the lower right corner of the screen.  I took it back to the store to see if they would swap it for a new one.


                              The nook "expert" in store immediately agreed that it was defective and went to speak to his manager.  When he came back he simply picked up a phone called the 800 number and handed me the phone and walked away.  When I asked the phone rep if I could just exchange it in store instead of sending back, he said that it was up to the store manager.  I spoke again to the nook "expert" and he said that he would get the manager, but in the worst case, since I was beyond the 14 day return period, and would not be able to refund me cash, he could at least take it back for store credit.  The manager came and was very condescending and told me that he wanted to help but the only help he could give was for me to mail it back to BN and hope that the one I got back was better than the one I sent to them.  I explained that since it was so new, I was hoping to exchange it in store so I could inspect the replacement.  He was unwilling to help, even telling me if he exchanged it in store it would count against my one return on the extended plan.  He also went against his own store employee and said he would not return it for store credit.


                              I called national customer service to see if they could help and the person taking the call said that he thought that there should have been a way to resolve in store and that the district manager would get back to me.  Its almost two weeks later and I haven't heard a word.  I have called back a number of times and they have been unable to tell me when or even if I would ever hear back.


                              One of the primary reasons I originally switched from Kindle was for the in store experience, for the ability if I needed assistance to deal with it person to person.  I guess that is not possible.


                              At this point, I am very disillusioned with BN and have decided to just upgrade my K2 to a K3 (which I love) and likely just give my wife the NC as a relatively cheap and slightly flawed flash tablet (once the upgrade comes out).



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                                My nookcolor froze tonight and would not let me finger swipe it to start reading.  It would not even let me use the touch screen to power off.  I turned it off by holding down the power button, now it won't come on at all.  It had about a 95% charge when all this happened. When I plugged it in, the amber light came on, but it didn't turn on like it normally does.   It has been having an issue of powering off while I am reading lately.  I have tried the suggestions that have been posted, to no avail.  Any more ideas>

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                                    Two thoughts:  your NC has been acting squirrely, which can be hardware or software.  As a start, be sure the screen is clean - this can help with some of the screen sensitivity issues.


                                    To try to eliminate the software side of the equation, remove any SD card you might have in.  Sometimes a problem in an SD card can prevent an NC from booting. If that makes your NC stable, great - format the card and see if your NC is happy. 


                                    If your NC comes up, finally, but isn't stable, take  a look at the Nook Engineer's sticky on doing a hard reset of your NC - this reinstalls big chunks of the OS and may help. (Leave the SD card out for the time being, to minimize the number of variables.) 


                                    If your NC won't power up even when you connect it to its USB cable and the cable to a PC - this should force a power on and let you try for the hard reset - you probably have something unable to connect in your NCs innards. 


                                    If, after a hard reset and with no card inserted, your NC keeps spontaneously shutting down, your unit probably needs to be replaced.  If you can't get it to power on when connected to a PC with no card onboard, your unit probably needs to be replaced.  I'd start with the store you bought it at, even if a reseller who carries them is closer.  Some BN shops are great about doing replacements when they have stock, if the device was bought there you'll have much better luck. 


                                    I don't know how Best Buy or Staples handle warranty replacement after 30 days, but I'm not sure how long you've owned your NC.  If you're inside 30 days, they should help out. 

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                                      There's actually some NC Peoples out there that don't use their NC for days (maybe minutes, I might fathom)?????  YIKES . . . .


                                      Have a Nice Day

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                                      I had similar problem wit nc after installing sd card. Found that removing card soved problem. 16gb sd card. Formatted as regular card that i saved a few files to from pcto read. Not set up with root kit. Reinsralled card and worked for a while but locked up again. Reformatted card which deleted all files and no problems since.
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                                        I just had this happen to me and pushing power button fo 5 seconds then release and push for 10 seconds is only thing that worked to turn it on.

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                                          I have had my NC since Christmas of 2010, and never experienced any real problems until September of last year. At that point it just refused to charge whilst turned on. Now it won't turn on at all. Tried all the button pushing listed in this forum, no luck. Tried connecting it to my computer, no luck. The little light on the cord is yellow, no matter what. Any ideas on what I can try now, aside from going to a store?

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                                            My nook Color wouldnt charge. I bought new charger & soon after, same thing happened, so we purchased

                                            ANOTHER charger, now my nook Color wont turn on OR charge!! I am disabled due to MS and

                                            I read A LOT. its too bad I can no longer use my nook color, & at the time of the first problem was just at one year. Very dissapointed.


                                            Kathleen Olinger


                                            nookless in Wyoming

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                                              Thanks, guys! I was all worried my Nook was dead forever, but thanks to the helpful hints here, I brought it back to life.  :smileyhappy: