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    Resolved: Nook Simple Touch GlowLight with broken screen....

      For all of you who have been following the story, thus far:


      • My Nook screen broke when I attempted to find a page that the Nook had "lost" one morning, which happens on a pretty regular basis with this thing. What is most infuritiating is that the book is "Infinite Jest," which means searching a 1,000+ page books for a page that my Nook loses time and time again. When I attempted to use the slider over and over again with no response, the screen inexplicably broke. 


      • When I called customer service, they said they wouldn't replace a Nook with a broken screen. When I contacted by emal, I got no response; when I "chatted" wtih a rep, they repeated the company line: Broken screen, you're out of luck.


      • I spammed these boards with several messages about my travails, as well as photos; I received some helpful advice, as well as several insults. Helpful advice was well intended, but did not solve problem. Insults, well, that's trolling for you.


      • B & N relented and contacted me; gave me address and name of local B & N to return it. Got full refund. 


      • Took some of my refund to local cafe and bought chai latte; struck up conversation with cute barista, ended up with her number.


      Thanks, ladies and gents! I'm outta' here.....