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    Why have they stopped providing screenshots for new Apps?

      I can't see that this is a good idea if you want to sell something. I'm not buying a unknown app without at least viewing a screenshot. I know there are screenshots available--you can often see them if you search the product on iTunes or Amazon. (Of course sometimes you find if you had an android device or rooted nook you could have gotten the same app for free, so I don't know why B&N would want to encourage shoppers to look elsewhere.)

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          First of all, your thread title sounds as if all the recent apps have no screenshots.  In fact, I've yet to find one recent app that doesn't have at least one screenshot.  I looked at about 10 to 12 of the ones released this past week whose titles were of interest to me. They all had screenshots. After reading your post I randomly chose 10 other apps from the latest batch and they all had screenshots.  I'm not saying all apps have them; obviously you've found some or you wouldn't have posted.  But my experience shows it's at worst a rare occurrence.


          Secondly, I'm pretty sure it's up to the developers to submit the shots.  However, perhaps B&N should not allow apps to be made available without shots.  I agree that they are very useful.  I wouldn't buy an app without a screenshot.