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    Funny Game of Thrones Promo - Anyone Else Notice?

      Okay, I don't know about Color/Tablet, but on my HD+, when I open the shop, the first of the promos on the top left is Gearing up for the Game of Thrones finale.


      Just the little preview of this promo is hilarious, because you have three actual Game of Thrones titles and the fake kids book "All My Friends Are Dead."  But then when you click on that promo, you get a whole list.  And that list is hilarious


      I really wish I knew who put that together, so I could thank them for making my day.  And I really want to push anyone who missed it and is a GoT fan with a nook to go look at the promo.

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          OMG. How hilarious! 


          When Bad Things Happen To Good People

          Dealing With Difficult Relatives and In-Laws

          Things We Didn't See Coming

          Coping With Grief

          It Will Get Better


          Definitely made my day, too. I love how someone at BN has a sense of humor. :smileyvery-happy:


          Thanks for the tip or I might not have looked. I was reading the books but when I got to the notorious 'Red Wedding' scene, I had to put them down for awhile.