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    App requests

      If the maintainers of the B&N App store are watching, I'd like to request a few apps:

      - LogMeIn ignition *or* an update to Splashtop Remote v2

      - ComiXology Comics - nook store has graphic novels, but Comics has monthly issues of almost every comic

      - Zinio *or* start carrying subscriptions to NewScientist.



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          Thank you for your feedback, we consider customer feedback critical to the success of our business, and have passed along your comments regarding the vendor to the appropriate personnel for review.

          • Re: App requests

              I agree that Nook needs to add Comixology. I bought mine in part after seeing the add for DC Comics now being available. I have a digital collection on Comixology and am unable to even look at them on my Nook HD. I already "own" these comics and should'nt have to buy them again.

              I chose Nook because I mostly wanted to read while occasionally playing games and web browsing. I really like my Nook so far but was not happy to have no options to read comics.