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    WOW! Nook HD 7 $129 & Nook HD + $149


      Such fantastic prices! I've had several friends & coworkers looking at my Nook and considering one for themselves. This new sale price should definetly win over anyone on the fence! One of my coworkers was comparing their newly purchased mini with my Nook HD 7 and all agreed that the Nook had the superior screen. They were even impressed by the user interface saying they liked the Nook HD set-up better than IOS. Plus, when I told them that B&N added the Google Play store a few weeks ago, they were even more impressed.

      I need to send them all a text wit the new sale pricing and see how many make the leap today!


      Thanks B&N for such a fantastic product/hardware and for opening up the Google Play Store for those who wish to use it. I, myself, am happy with B&N's offerings, but knowing the choice is  there is cherry on top!

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          If I didn't already own an HD+ I'd go buy one now.  Maybe I can talk my wife in to upgrading her Nook Tablet at this price point.

          • 2. HD/+ on sale, but where's the eInk love?

            While the sale on the HD/+ is great, I'm starting to really wonder if B&N plans to continue its eInk line.  The NSTG is a good device, but it was falling behind when Amazon launched the KPW, and it's only continued to do so with the launch of the Kobo Aura. 



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              I started to de-Nook myself a few weeks ago because B&N is doing so poorly financially relative to Amazon, just to pick one competitor.  Now I have a windows 8 phone and after several days of struggling to get a clear answer(which I have failed to do), it seems clear that no Nook for Windows 8 phones is forthcoming.  Therefore, I'm going Amazon with great disappointment.  I really wanted B&N to prosper, but seems not to be the case, at least in the near term.  BTW, Verizon or Nokia preloaded Kindle for Windows 8 phone on my device.  'Nuf said.

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                I don't know about other people, but even if B&N stopped making tablets tommorow, I would still feel I got a damn good deal on a really nice piece of hardware.


                Don't get me wrong, I would hate to see that happen, but it would not change the fact that for the money I spent there is no way I could have gotten anything even close to my Nook HD+ hardware wise.


                Worst case scenario is I would have to root it for future app content from the play store etc, which is no big deal, my Nook color is running ICS fine, the HD+ would do so flawlessly.

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                  This whole B&N scenario makes me sad.


                  I bought a Nook Color when it first came out. I really liked it. I still have it and it still works great. Sure there are lots of problems reported on forums, but that's true with any technical device. At about the same time, my wife got a Kindle Fire (first generation). She likes it, still has it, but laments the fact that you can't even organize your books with it: no book shelves or collections. Just sort the whole pile by author or title is about all you have.


                  The Kindle Fire was much later to market than the Nook Color. Yet Amazon has gotten the main share of press. I don't understand why this is. When NC came out, I rarely saw a commercial or editorial write up. When the Kindle Fire came out, it seemed pundits were hailing it as if it were the first color eReader and first inexpensive color tablet. Overall, Amazon seemed to really get all the attention. I don't know whether it's because Amazon has been a darling of the technical industry and B&N has been, before the Nook series, "just a bookstore" for the most part. But I found this whole situation somewhat unfair somehow, and wondered whether this is, at least in part, a key reason B&N hasn't been able to sustain this business.


                  When the $129 price on the Nook Color HD hit, I decided I was going to spring for one. I was, like others, concerned about B&N not supporting these in the long run, but at $129 it's a tough deal to pass up. So I've been playing with it and find that it has exceeded my expectations for what it does. They took it a step closer to being more traditionally Android-like in setup, etc, but kept the great book organizational features and dolled up the GUI. Very nice indeed.


                  Ironically, my wife now has Nook Color envy. She looked up the Kindle Fire HD and still no book organization features. It doesn't even let you set a background image. (Really?!)  I helped her hunt down some 3rd party apps to do collections but they were all junk, quite frankly. Not finding all the books, clunky interface that didn't really meld with the rest of the device, etc. We even entertained the notion of getting her a Nook Color HD (for another $129) and running the Kindle Reader on it (yes, it's available for the NC HD and it works great). But it still doesn't translate into colletions/organization for Amazon format eBooks.


                  So here we sit: a great little 7" HD tablet from B&N with great eReader app features that seem to be on fire sale, and another 7" tablet that just sucks, frankly, as an eReader but gets the limelight.


                  Life just isn't fair I guess. :smileytongue:

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                    That's been the story with the Nook alright.  Good device, usually beats Amazon to features, but they just don't get the word out.  I feel a lot of the blame is in the marketing, there are just not that many ads for any of the Nooks aside from when they launch a new one, but even those fizzle away. 


                    Amazon also had established the Kindle as an ereader for years.  That B&N reportedly has 25% of the ebook market is pretty impressive when you consider how much longer Amazon has been in the ereader game.