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    N2A Card for HD+ Boot to Nook mode without removing sd card

         I have tried to post to the n2a card thread, but it doesn't display the 'REPLY' options - so will start a new thread in hopes it attracts the attention of those with the problem of having to remove the card to get to the Nook mode.

        The solution is buried in the forums on the N2a site, and I copied it.....


      how to boot your nook HD+ into nook mode.

      The current method to switch your Nook HD+ into Nook mode is to use an app called Quick Boot (Reboot). Quick Boot (Reboot) can be downloaded directly through the Play Store.
      When you are ready to boot your Nook HD+ into Nook mode simply open the Quick Boot (Reboot) app and tap the button that says Bootloader.
      To get back to Android mode simply turn your Nook HD+ off and then back on.
         I downloaded the app, and it works perfectly - no need to remove the sd card!  It works just like it did in my nook tablet and color before that.
      I purchased the new n2a just after Christmas as a download, and like others, had no luck downloading it through the nook, so had to do so through a pc card reader.  Unlike the problems I had with the download for the Nook Tablet, it worked perfectly the first time. 
       I have found since that I can't download any files to the card while in the HD+, but have to revert to the card reader.
        I am not an expert in any of this, most of what I have learned/attempted is from these boards - and the n2a site!   So, thanks to all who post here!