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    Any General Guidelines For All-Image Nook epubs?

      Can anyone provide a set of basic guidelines for creating an all-image epub (such as a comic book or children's book) for Nook? Specifically what are the max image size and resolution so that all images will be completely viewable in all Nook e-readers?


      I am creating a comic book and used images (gifs) sized at 550 px wide by 700 px tall but the images were still a bit large. They were cut off at the bottom of each image when viewed in Nook for PC.


      I have all images on the same page one inserted after another. Each image is within its own paragraph tag and centered. There are no line breaks between paragraphs. Amazon recommends doing it this way for all image Kindle ebooks, along with 600 X 800 px image size. This works fine with Kindle e-readers, but this image size is too large for Nook for PC.


      I am wondering if there any similar basic guidelines for creating all-image epub files for Nook?

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          I did 600 by 800. I inserted the images into Word and that cuts down the image size. If you don't do that, the book will be too big. I used a page break between image and text. Use JPEG or PNG. You can open the image in MS Paint and save as JPEG or PNG. Microsoft says use PNG for Word, but I used MS Paint for drawings and PNG screwed them up. I switched to JPEG and they were fine. Cover has to be JPEG. I hope this helps. If you mean all in one document, that's right. I did my book the same way for both B&N and Kindle.