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    Free Book

      I love the deals and free books that B&N provides - its one of the reasons that I went with the Nook over that other eReader.  Seems that often these deals are for the first book in a series, or to introduce readers to a new author - I have no problem with this.

      Then I recently finished (or so I think) Kell's Legend, which was offered a few weeks back for free.

      Warning: spoilers ahead.  As I came within 30 pages of the end of the book, it became clear that the three intermingled plots would not be resolved.  Sure enough, the book ended with no finality to anything.  I felt as if I had read only half of a book.  I can see leaving a few loose threads to bridge the gap into the next book, but this is so much worse.

      I'm left feeling gypped, not because I paid for the book, but because I invested time into reading the book.  This book should have come with a warning: "Excerpt only".

      Should I expect similar disappointment with other free (loss leader) books from B&N?

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          there's a second book out already.

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              Second book is only available as pre-order.  But that's beside the point - I expected a book and got a long excerpt.

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                  You got a 284 page excerpt...sounds to me like you got a book. It does state in the title book 1, so I venture to say that it's book one!


                  Not sure what you thought it was going to be, myabe that was the author's plan to attract readers.

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                      True, it was long enough to be a book and fairly entertaining, and maybe I should be just satisfied with it.

                      Here's a metaphor.  Let's say Hulu (free service) is offering a movie.  I sit down to watch it, and after 90 minutes it ends with no resolution - characters are mid-conversation.  Its obvious that it was a 2 hour movie, but they cut off the end.  But, oh by the way, they offer the rest of the movie for $5.  That's how I feel.  I'm out 90 minutes of my time.

                      I'm all for giving away free books to entice people into new series, but this was a long excerpt, and should be marked as such.

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                          I'm curious now.  I didn't download this particular book (just didn't look like my kind of thing).  Do you know that the free ebook was not, in fact, the entire book, or are you drawing that conclusion because it ended abruptly with plot lines unresolved?  In other words, is it possible that the author did a poor job in ending the first book in a potential series (possibly to set up future sequels), or have you compared the free ebook to a DTB or other version and found that the free ebook was an unidentified excerpt?

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                    "G__" and "g____d" is an extremely offensive term.  It's on par with I_____-giver and "J_____ someone down."


                    I find it difficult to take seriously anyone who uses language such as that.


                    I also find it incredible that people will complain about something that has been given to them free. 

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                      Thanks for the heads up. I had grabbed the book when it was offered, but hadn't gotten to reading it yet. I just got done deleting it since I hate reading a book just to be told to go buy the next one just to finish the story. So I just deleted it from my library.