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    cannot pull up Wish List

      Okay so I am going on a week of not being able to pull up my wish list or my recently viewed. I have done a hard reset another time I waited an hour for it to load and it never did. Anyone else having this problem and know what to do?
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          Same problem here. Third time this happened; first two I did a factory reset. I hit around 450 titles when it would not load. My recently viewed list will do the same "limbo load." My list is still out there since if I pull up titles on it they're still checked off. I've removed around 200 titles from it this way in hopes of bringing it back but no luck. Really wish B&N would fix this; the 1st gen Nook would also create a wishlist on the website and could be accessed across all devices registered to that account. Why has every gen since then not have this ability?
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            Same problem. Im getting very irritated.