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    Free Fridays

      Can anyone tell me how I can have my book included on a Free Friday promotion. I have asked Pubit and was given the run around, but finally an individual with B&N who was supposed to know. Unfortunately he never wrote back. There has to be some procedure to be included in this promotion. Does anyone know what it is?

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          I believe the only way in that door is if you have one of the Big 6 standing behind you. And since none of us do, that avenue is closed to us. It certainly would be great to get in on that, but oh well, maybe eventually....


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            How about Nook First? How do the authors included in that promotion get their books promoted? Are they really Pubit books, or are they agented and/or subsidized? I've asked the same type of questions you're asking, here on the forum. I stopped writing to BN/Pubit a while ago.


            No one there seems to care even about maintaining the appearance of caring.