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    Kindle users will have to sideload library books in near future. Ebook supply to be limited

      A friend of mine sent this today, Penguin Publishing will no longer sell ebooks for library usuage through the OverDrive program. Looks like Kindle users will have to sideload from now on

      http://blog.kdl.org/?p=10640  Penguin has pulled and will no longer supply new ebooks joining 3 other's from the top 6 publishers who have bailed.


      From what I've read most of this has to do with Amazon getting into the publishing business. May explain why BN not pushing too hard to get an Overdrive App in the Nook app store. All of this has economics @ it's heart. Not only are publishers threatened by Amazon they have no interest in making it easy for people to download free library books as see libraries as siphoning off business. Liibraries nationally have seen a 200% increase in ebook usage in the past year during a time when publishers are experiencing declines. Have also cited concerns about ebook piracy as another issue but have no been able to quantify their concerns. .