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    Lend Me app problem

      I have added two friends to my Lend me app, but neither show up.  I have also added all the Social links, but no one shows up from there either.  When I try to sync the app it says "refreshing results", but stays that way, even if I exit the app and come back.  I have to restart the device to have it stop.  Any ideas?  Thanks for your help!

        • Re: Lend Me app problem

          In general, for someone to show up in the LendMe app, they must meet the following criteria:

          • Must be a contact
          • Contact must have a B&N account using the same email address
          • Contact must have disabled privacy (allowed the ability for others to view their books)
          • Contact must have at least one lendable book.

          We understand this has caused some confusion and will look at how to improve the user experience for future releases.