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    Gift Cards: BEWARE of Overcharges - its happening

      B&N overcharged my gift cards, again..
      On April 19, gift card XXX1125 had $23.44 and
      gift card XXXX4796 (which was loaded in 4/18) had $25.
      I then purchased 4 nook books prices were: $14.99, $7.99, $.099, $7.99. $1.99. The total purchase was .$33.95.  I should have a balance of $14.49 remaining, and currently I show no gift cards and a balance of $0.  I called immediately to customer service on 4/19.  It has now been 2 weeks and still no resolution.  This is at least the third time this has happened to me. Twice with preordering as B&N will 'reserve' the amount of the preorder and supposedly when the book finally delivers it will 'release' any over charges.  When I figured out what was happening the first time was over 3 months old and customer service said it was too late. The second time after I started to call daily, I finally received my funds back, but I had the gift card still showing a balance even though incorrect. Now, I show no gift cards, but since I was watching so closely, I know exactly what my balance should be. 

      TIPS: 1) Once you load in a gift card, note the date on the card AND don't throw it a way. I was told they could have 'fixed' the December issue if I could have given them the gift card number(s).  2) load gift card in and wait a day until you use it. 3) buy one book and wait to see if its charged correctly before buying another one. 4) if you see a problem - don't buy any more until the problem is resolved.


      I am really nervous if my credit card has been treated the same way.  Watch your cards!!!

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          They've had occasional problems with gift cards disappearing. Have you tried re-entering the gift cards to see if they still have balances on them?
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            Thanks, that worked on one of them. Will have to wait until Monday to try the other card.

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              I have had a similar problem with gift cards on my nook.  Each of the last three purchases I made on my nook took the purchase price off my oldest card and showed this on my order, but then I noticed the same amount of my purchase was somehow deducted from a new gift card that should have had the full balance left on it, though there was no reference to it on my order.  I called customer service on each of these "double charges" I discovered on my gift card balances and never got a good explanation for why it was happening.  One representative called it an "authorization charge", which makes no sense - it's a gift card, not a credit card purchase!  Each time they promised me that they would turn in a request to refund the amount and, so far, they've all been refunded within a week of my call.  I've also been promised that they would let management know that a "fix" to this problem was needed.  We shouldn't have to police our gift cards and wait several days to have the money we have on account be available to use!

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                I had this happen in March. It was a preorder and it charged my gift card twice. It took 5 long phone calls and a lot of aggrevation but finally I was refunded the second charge. That 'preauthorization' still stayed in the system and now I have an email today telling me I have this book but never paid for it so they are going to charge me for it again. This was a $15.89 book and now this will be the third time I will have paid for it. I have been on hold 2 different times for over an hour and still no luck. Going to try back tomorrow and see what happens. This is so frustrating. I am getting to the point where I am afraid to order anything. I have spend more time on hold then it took me to read the book.