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    Free ebooks from 1st Ed to Simple Touch - Getting Charged

      Hello Everyone,

      I am hoping this is a "user error" and I can get some help. I have 2 Nooks, the 1st Edition and a Simple Touch. I "purchased" a lot of free ebooks on my 1st Edition. I thought I had my 2 devices synced. They show up under my B&N account together in the "My Devices" section. My Simple Touch shows all my ebooks in my 1st Edition, but they all have to be downloaded. I recently downloaded a book that was on my 1st Edition. I checked my account the next day and found that I was charged for this free ebook. I went through the whole thing with customer support and they said its publisher discretion to charge for an ebook. I want to know why I can't access a free ebook that I got on my 1st edition on my Simple Touch. I'm actually really upset, knowing that I can never download a "old" book that was purchased on my 1st Ed to my Simple Touch with out first checking my purchase receipts to see if it was free and if I may get charged for it. In my eyes, that's not really free. If my 1st Ed stops working I will be charged for any free book that is no longer free to have it on my new devise. Like I said I am hoping this is user error and I just didn't sync my stuff right. Hope someone can help or has this happened to anyone else.?

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          Doesn't sound right.  I have tons of free books I got on my N1E that are now on my NST.


          My guess is that you somehow bought a different edition of the same book than the one you already owned.  How, exactly, did you "download" it to your NST?  Did you use the "Shop" function, or was it already showing in your books, waiting to download?


          First of all, everything you have on your old Nook should also be in your online library, unless you actually deleted it.  Click on "My Nook" at the top of this page and go to your library and verify that the book is there.  If it is, you should be able to download it to any other device.

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            I wonder if there could possibly be a glitch with that particular book? I don't know. I have hundreds of ebooks in my nook library (okay I have 400 :smileyembarrassed:). Most of them I got free when I used my N1E. I did have them all downloaded to my NST (until the last update when I started to run out of room) and I have never been charged for a previously free book to be downloaded. If the book was reissued with a new ISBN it would be treated as a separate book entirely and not linked to the original download. 

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              You're using the same account/email address for both nooks, right? Do I understand right that on the NST you went to the B&N shop to get the book? If you're using the same account then the books should be in the library portion of both your nooks already and you shouldn't need to go to the shop section. If it says download over the cover, you should only have to touch the cover in the library and it should automatically download from your B&N account to the NST.