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    No Sales in 2 Months???????



      I have over 50 Oncology books for sale. On BN, it says I haven't sold a book in 2 months. Yet on Amazon, I have had my best 2 months ever.


      Anyone else having this problem?? Advice??

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          First, look to see how easy it is to find your books on Barnes. Do a search and see if they even come up. Make sure your books are properly tagged.


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            Sales have been slow on Amazon this month.  On B&N they've almost been nonexistent.  I've had an unusual number of zero sales days on B&N lately. 


            Hopefully, B&N will check its reporting programs and update us all on what is going on.  The problem with B&N not keeping writers updated is that it makes B&N look like they're hiding something.  They may be hiding nothing at all and sales may just be very, very slow.  If that's the case, regular updates about how B&N is acting to improve/increase sales, provide more marketing tools, etc. would be welcome and would make writers feel like they and B&N were in the same boat. 


            Without regular updating/checking of programs/ responding to concerns - in other words, without a highly qualified, full time Pubit staff - B&N puts itself in the position of looking complicit in some sort of nefarious doings.  All of that gets prevented by open communications/full disclosure/speedy responses to issues or problems. 


            Is Microsoft monitoring its new investment?  If so, I hope they see this and work to help B&N fix what has been a persistent problem.......  Micro-money or not, the Nook platform won't grow if it doesn't nurture its publishing platform!!