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    Comics on NOOK color

      Anyone know if this is happening? if so, when?

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          Give it a bit the device has only been out a few days now.

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            What about .CBR or .CBZ files.  Any apps to run them that way? 

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                CBR is just a rar file with a folder of images. Likewise, CBZ is just a zip file with a folder of images.


                Use 7zip to extract the folders and then use a PDF maker to turn the whole thing into a PDF.


                Or I suppose you could just load up the images and view them in gallery.

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                For what it's worth (not much, I know):


                The day I can get Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" on my nookColor is the day I get them all, and price pretty much be damned.


                Woops, should I let them know that ahead of time?

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                    I *have* converted graphic novels from CBR to PDF (through Calibre - be sure to check the option in settings to not automatically convert to black and white) and they look and work great. 


                    For most so far, I found landscape mode to be better (with some exceptions as in the one in the picture), with a little pinch and zoom you could size it so the whole row fits in view and then you just slowly scroll. 


                    The glare in the picture is from my phone - in "real life" the glare wasn't there and it was really easy to read. 



                    On another board, the guy who makes Calibre said he will update it soon with the NookColor as one of the output options, but I think I selected iPad as the output option in my tests.


                    The only downside I found so far, is that because it's PDF and not ePub... I don't get a cover image to display - so when you have a bunch, that's going to be annoying.

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                        I recently purchased a Nook Color and am extremely pleased with it as a comic reader. I convert my cbr/cbz files to epub using the nook color setting on calibre and they look great. The text is small, but still readible. No worse than some of the pocket size comics I get at the library.


                        My only problem is when I try and read some of the converted files I get an error dialog. I'd say 90% of the comics I've converted work fine, but I still get the error dialog every now and then. Do any of you experienced calibre users have any idea why this happens?

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                      not many comics are on nook color but they are bound to relize that it would be a good idea

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                        Now that they have released an app store, has anyone heard any word on a comic reader being made available? Thanks in advance!



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                            Do know they have a few comics on the app store for sale, however I havnt seen anything like Marvel, DC or Comixology. I really hope they do because Ive been missing out on my reading for a few months. Anyone know if there are plans for them to put those on there?
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                            I would love for some comics/graphic novels/manga to come to the B&N Library, just please, not as "apps."  They should be able to format them as NookBooks, I have converted several in Calibre just fine.  I want them in my Library where they belong.  :smileyhappy:

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                              Since DC is publishing digitally on the same day as print is released, sure would be nice if the Nook App store had a subscription service for it. You know, similar to how magazines and newspapers are handled? That would be perfect. :smileyhappy:



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                                you just need to wait for the new software update 1.4.0 because the 1.3.0  donot support the format that the comics have

                                From BN support