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    Archived App Wont Show on HD+

      I have the app "The Secret of Grisly Manor" archived. It was purchased while I had my Nook Tablet and would download and unarchive with no problems. For some reason, I cannot get it to show up on my HD+. It is not showing in my library either on the B&N website. Now here's the really strange part....if i go into the "shop" screen on my HD+ and search for it, it comes up and it says "Archived". If I click the picture/icon of the game on the "shop" screen, the games opens and I can play it. It will continue to say archived. I've gotten it to change to download or open and it goes through the download process but still never shows on my HD+ or my library on the B&N website. I have to open and play from the Shop screen.  Hmmmmm....not sure what to do, but i dont want to loose the app. Any help would be appreciated.  

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          1) Try this:


          When on the Apps page, press and hold the volume Down button and then press on 'Apps' and hold it for 2 seconds.


          You will see another screen show up that says 'Extras'. Do you see icon for Grisly Manor there?



          If you do, then it just means app is not showing up on Apps page for some reason.



          2) How many pages of apps do you have? What happens if you swipe left or right?



          3) While testing apps etc. I ran into this issue with one app. Not sure why?


          4) I think there is a problem with the data that saves 'state' of app install.


          So the app must have downloaded and installed. But the 'flag' that says 'Yes, this app is installed' was never updated.


          I think it's best to just play it through Extras screen or Shop.


          No point in trying to solve the 'wrong state getting shown' issue and actually blowing it away by mistake.

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            Thank you so much. I got into the extras screen but it was not there. Purely by chance I noticed the sorting icon at the bottom left of the apps screen and found that I could choose to list the archived items. I tried that and it showed there with the little cloud so I tapped it. It downloaded and now shows on the apps page like it should. However it did not pop up on my active shelf. It sure seems like it has a bug of some kind. Whi h makes me wonder....can my HD+ get a virus like a pc can?
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              If you download random things from random websites or download random apps from outside the B&N store - then, yes, you can get a virus.