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    Zinio App Will Not Connect

      I have the following issue with my N2A powered Nook HD+. I have been using the N2A card exclusively for several months with almost flawless performance. However, I have recently run into the following issue with a successfully d/l and installed Zinio for Android app: "Failed to connect to the server. Please move to an area with a stronger wireless signal and try again."


      This happens no matter what my location is! I have a very solid, strong, and fast connection with all of my other apps.


      Zinio says that it is because I am using a Nook (even though configured as an Android tablet) the app will not work and is not supported on that device.


      Since everything else works just fine, what is the connection only issue?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Did you check with Zinio if they specifically have some check that disables the app for rooted Nooks?

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              It is not rooted  when using the N2A sd card approach.


              Here is the tech ass't manager's reply after I had several back and forths with a level one tech at Zinio:


              "I apologize for any  inconvenience. Zinio will not work properly on a Nook
              device. If you are able to install the app, you will receive an error message
              regarding not being able to connect to the internet -- this is normal behavior.
              This is not something that we can resolve because Nook will not allow Zinio to
              be used on their devices. There is no workaround that will fix this issue."


              I had repeatedly explained to them in increasing detail that I was not using the BN software and that this issue was not displayed by any other app!


              Thier app d/l without any warning of conflict. It installed properly. It even starts up and displays its structure with no problem except for the all important failure to connect.

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                  I suspect it's because they are worried about people using it without authorization.


                  So it's not meant to block you. It's meant to block people who use Zinio without having a membership.


                  Perhaps you should ask on the various threads about sideloaded cards and at xdaforums whether Zinio works or not on rooted Nooks and whether or not it works on sideloaded cards. That'll give you a better reason for why stuff isn't working.

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                Just wondering.  Do you have the latest version of Zinio? Looks like it was released on GP on 4/8.  At the very bottom of the ovrrview page, Z has a statement about not supporting device configirations resulting from rooting devices. Do you think they could have implemented something where they could tell if the app was running from an sd card? Rather than from internal memory?