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        I am having kind of similar issues. My nook color will not charge sometimes and when I plug it in the n light is green saying it is fully charged when it is not actually charging. Then it will start charging very slowly and stop again and go back down.
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          My nook color charger seems to have completely crapped out.  I called the b & n phone number and they could not have been more helpful. 


          After going to my local B & N store to determine that the charger was bad, and that the nook itself was ok, I phoned B & N again and they are sending me a charger free of charge (pardon the pun).


          I am quite pleased with B & N and will continue to happily use my Nook color.  Fortunately, my wife had purchased the NC extended warranty as my NC is a year and 9 months old - beyond the regular one year warranty.


          <<If you leave near a Fry's Electronics - you can buy an original Nook Color/ Nook Tablet Charger for $19.99 - on sale from $24.99.  I bought one to have an extra, and my NC is good to go.>>


          Thanks everyone for posting.  It really helps know what's going on with other NC fans.

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            I had a similar problem. When not plugged in the Nook said dischargings ,like it should, but when plugged in it said not charging. I went to the B & N store and they plugged in one of their chargers and it worked. So I went ahead and bought the new charger $24.99, but make sure you have them test it in the store. I got home and the new charger didn't work either, probably a bad one that was put back on the shelf. But the new charger is working fine now. I think it is the mini plug that goes bad.
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              Ok...this is exactly what is happening with my Nook Color!  I DID go to the Nook center at the nearby Barnes and Noble and we tested the charger with the store chargers that were charging their displays.  Same thing.  The device flashes from time to time, that the "Your Battery is too low to power On.  Please connect your charger".  Which, of course I am doing.   Otherwise for the sporadic flash of this message, the screen is black. 

              I have read that this is a problem and unfortunately, the same answer is to check the charger.  I have, as has the store itself.  They gave me a 800 number which I have not called yet (I was hoping I could fix it myself without the hassle of sending it in).

              It is September 16, and I received this as a gift for Christmas from my husband.  So sad, to see this problem is not an isolated occurance.  This device is less than a year old....this SHOULD NOT be happening!

              Now what?  Where do we go from here????

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                I know what you mean. I am on my 4th charging cable and I am very careful with them. I really like my nook color but it makes me want to change devices.

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                  We are sorry that you are currently having this issue. Please PM me so I can better assist you.


                  Thank You

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                    Same issue here.
                    In the last month, my nook has gone thru 3 cables. My power (outlets) are clean, it seems to be a Q2C issue on the cables.

                    I am very disappointed with this product..

                    With all the options out there, I am surprised Nook won't really address this issue...guess they think marketing can cover for poor design....

                    I will definitely tell everyone I meet the issues I am having with this product and recommend they should run from B&N and look at other products.
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                      Rather late considering the Nook Color was discontinued last fall and the Nook Tablet isn't really for sale either.



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                        I've gone though multiple cables. And now the store no longer has cables to swap. They told me I'd have to go online to buy a new one as it is not under warranty. At $25? Not happening! The next cord won't last longer than any of the others have. I've been super careful with my power cord and color nook since I have known it is an issue. 


                        The screen has some lighter blotchy areas, too. I'm wondering if it's on its way out. In which case, I got two solid years of use out of it, but I expected to get more since I am so careful with it. I have an ipod that is 8 years old and still working after begin dropped a couple of times at the gym. My color nook has never been dropped, never subjected to extreme temperatures, lives in a protective cover, and is only charged at home in an outlet that has no trip hazards. Right now, I struggle to get it to charge. The cord has to be wiggled until it is just so... and I cross my fingers every time. 

                        I'm very leery of upgrading to a Nook HD since I have no sense that it will last any longer. It has a different cord, yes. But will the device last? For $240, I really expect to get several years out of it when I treat it with such care. 

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                          Kawherp, I've had no problems with my Nook Color. It's 3+ years.


                          There are, however, lots of charging cable issues with Nook Color. So perhaps a bunch of charging cables were all bad.


                          I've never heard of the 'lighter blotchy areas' issue. Could you please explain more what that is?


                          Can you not try a charger cable for another device with your Nook Color? Any microUSB cable should work.

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                            My phone charger seems to fit, but won't charge it. It's the only cord I have here that even fits. But I've been down this road 3-4 times... the Nook cord fails to charge/connect my Nook to the computer, I go to BN, they swap the cord out, and I'm good for another 6 months.. repeat. 

                            The screen has lighter areas. It's not pinpoints where a single pixel is bad. But there are areas that are noticeably lighter/brighter than others. It's mostly in a vertical line about 1/3 of the way in from the left edge, going most of the way up and down the screen. I can live with it, but it shouldn't be doing this after just 2 years of careful use. I'd understand if it had been living in my middle schooler's backpack and being beaten up. But I handle it carefully. 

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                              The cord failing every 6 months. Yes, I've seen that.


                              It makes me wonder - what is it about some people's Nooks (or about the cables they get) that they fail every 6 months.



                              I thought it was an issue with cables. If so, why would some people never get it and some people get it consistently.




                              That's strange to have a strip that is lighter than the rest of the screen.


                              I can't think of anything that might work for that. It seems like the screen itself is dying.



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                                I purchased my nook on Ebay not knowing that the cord that came with my nook color was not for Nook. Went to B&N and the nice young man gave me a new cord and plug and voila - charging just fine.
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                                  BTW - even tho my Nook said "not charging" it would charge fully overnight. 

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                                    $200 for a device and then you can't use it/


                                    It's time for this




                                    info here: http://bit.ly/12EXWhK

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