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    New and have questions

      Hello all:

      I have a novel that has been sitting in a drawer that I have been rewriting for the past couple of months.  I am two thirds through.  So, I decided to try and see if I could understand the formatting/uploading process.  After much reading, I managed to upload individual chapters from the book file, but not the entire book.  Does the upload have to be one long file?  And, if it does, is there a better way to do it, rather than copy and paste?  I really, really feel dumb today.  Thanks for any help.  Janet

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          One file! No double spacing. I hope you use Word. No forced indents. Tabs should be .25. Skip only one line when making a break. Never skip two, it can leave entire pages blank on an ereader. You shouldn't have to copy and paste anything, if you are writing in Word.  I hope this helps. You haven't given us much to go on.

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            Even with Works, you should make your manuscript one file, so you will need to copy and paste each chapter right after the next. And yes, saving as 97-2003 should be the same as Word 97-03. Good luck and if you need any further help, just let us know :smileyhappy:


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              I'd download Open Office, it is free and works well for uploading ebooks. I used to use MSWorks and had an awful time. Lost parts of the books an all that. You want to save as .doc How I formatted was to take off headers and page numbers, my book was formatted for print. I used 1.5 spacing. Used .15 paragraph indent, no hard tabs. I inserted the first chapter. Then kept inserting the rest. I used page break in between the chaps. You can open your files in Open Office and work with them there when you start to combine all the chapters. One place I uploaded the book had to have the chaps uploaded as individual files with hard tabs. Keep asking questions and once you get the hang of it , it will be like eye of newt and wing of bat.