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    go to www.nook.com/support ??????????

      Okay heres the problem when I try to shop that is what I get but guess what the site is no help...


      All I want to know is why is it having trouble with searches?


      My WIFI is great but it stills says it when I want to do a search for a certain title.


      Another thing is that I am having a issue with downloading a book it shows in my library but it says to download when I tap it to download it doesn't do nothing...


      Thinking of getting a NOOK HD but will it have the same issues?



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          We're nearly as mistified as you are.

          We might be able to do better if you tell us a few more details like:


          1. Which reader, computer or tablet are you using to search and shop?
          2. If a computer or tablet which browser and operating system are you using? Include version numbers.
          3. Are you attempting to use a download link in a browser? If so, have you tried installing the appropriate B&N reader application for your system and downloading the item with the reader application?
          4. Have you checked to make sure the item(s) are compatible with your particular hardeare reader or B&N reading app? Some items like graphic/photo rich periodicals and childrens books require nook color or nook tablets (but might not be compatible with reader apps on Android or Apple tablets). When shopping for nook publications with a browser look for a link to each item's compatible devices near the price listing.
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            I have a NOOK SIMPLE TOUCH should answer all of your questuons

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              1) Nook HD is unlikely to have same problems since it's a much more recent device and WiFi issues are less likely.




              2) If it's a problem with your WiFi and how that interacts with Nook devices, then it might occur.



              Best Solution: Do what Keriflur suggests and take it into a store.


              Also, data points you can give include - type of wireless router, settings, wifi settings, etc.