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    HD B&N Shop Wishlists - Possible Workaround


      Like many others, I had been unable to access my wishlist for several months; kept getting the "circle spinning unendingly" page. Tonite after getting the same frustrating result,  I went into settings/applications/shop and cleared "recently viewed list".  It worked, and after about 5 seconds of the spinning circle, my wishlist was again viewable. I went back and forth to the shop app and my wishlist several times during the evening, and my wishlist was immediately viewable each time. The only remaining issue was I could no longer remove any books on the list that I had purchased since the last time I had access to the list; that option was only available for the "yet to be purchased" books.


      If you are having the same issue, try this approach and post your results, as it could have been a coincidence.