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    NOOKbook Sale this weekend!


      If you are a mainstream fiction reader like me, you definitely want to check out the 50% off NOOKbook sale going on this weekend.  Of course, the sale does not include agency books, but many titles are recent best-selling fiction  (literary fiction) works, so this is not just the run-of-the-mill ligher reading, although there are many best-selling lighter reading titles at great prices, too.  (It was really nice to have such a wide variety! :smileyhappy:)


      Please forgive the redundancy of this post if someone else here has called attention to this sale.  I saw only a  brief reference to it buried deep in one other thread, and this sale is too good to miss!

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          whiteginger wrote:


          Of course, the sale does not include agency books

          Being picky, but let's get the terminology correct. "Agency model" refers to selling e-books on commission. All of the Big 6 publishers still sell e-books that way, as does Smashwords.


          Required Ebook Pricing (REP) is what you're thinking of, and the first agency-model contracts all included REP. Five of the Big Six publishing houses have settled a DoJ anti-trust lawsuit by agreeing to remove REP from their agency-model contracts for two years.


          Agency-model publishing houses no longer having Required Ebook Pricing, and thus permitting discounts:

          • Hachette
          • HarperCollins
          • Simon & Schuster
          • Macmillan (this one may still be in transition)

          Agency-model publishing houses who have agreed to drop Required Ebook Pricing but haven't yet:

          • Penguin
          • Random House (if and when the merger with Penguin is completed)

          Smashwords will probably continue to let their authors set Required Ebook Pricing unless all of the other major self-publishers (mainly meaning Kindle Direct) stop setting author royalties based on selling price while arbitrarily lowering the selling price based on selling price elsewhere.


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            It's a pretty good sale isn't it White Ginger.


            I'm seeing a lot of books on sale that aren't often on sale (like the LOTR trilogy and lots of other books that are quite good).


            On another thread we were discussing how this is the first time there's been such a big thread, and that this might be related to the end of the Fixed Price thing that Publishers had going. Now that nearly all of the big 6 are agreeing to end it we should see some interesting sales and such.