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    Confused about content of Play Store on Nook HD vs. elsewhere

      I am loading up my new Nook HD with apps from the Play Store and when I came to installing the app for the restaurant review site Yelp got confused.  I saw that there were three apps for Yelp in the Play Store on my Nook, "yelp.com," "yelp PRO," and "yelp free."  All were developed by some company called "HD Mobile" rather than Yelp itself, and they have in their description "This app is in no way affiliated with the owner..."  I could not figure out which one of those three options I should install, so I searched the web on my computer for info and found in the Play Store on my Chrome browser on my computer that there was a different Yelp app listed which seemed to be official.  Anyone know what's going on here, why the official Yelp app in the Google Play store isn't showing up in the Nook's Play Store and instead these other three apps are?  Is the Play Store on the Nook something run by Barnes and Noble rather than the Google Play Store I see in the Chrome browser on my computer?