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    How do I change a book rating

      I just bought a book on cabinet making for my tablet and found that the print was almost unreadable because it was too small. I tried changing the font size, but that wouldn't work. I couldn't even read the book on my computer because the font was washed out so badly when it was enlarged to fit the monitor screen.


      I was exasperated and left a nasty one star review on the web site suggesting that BN pull the book off the "shelves" until it will display properly on a Nook. Then it occurred to me that I could try double tapping the screen like I can do with magazines and sure enough, it enlarged the screen so that the text is readable and I can pinch zoom to see the illustrations better.


      Now I'm sorry about my 1 star review and I'd like to either delete it or update it. How do I do that? I tried to write a new review, but it was rejected because I had already written a review.


      By the way, the other two reviews on this book are also 1 star and one of them also complains about the unreadable font. I'd also like to suggest that whoever writes the blurbs should include a note that tells buyers to double tap the screen to make the book readable.