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    Windows Phone Application

      I am really trying hard not to shift my ebook buying over to amazon.com.  Please help me by adding a Windows Phone app.


      I have my library on my Nook reader, my iOS devices, my WIndows 8 PC, will have it on my Surface tablet when the pro comes out, but why, oh why, can I not have it on my beautiful Lumia 920?



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          It's likely in the pipes given that MS has a stake in Nook Media, and that the Nook app is baked in to Windows 8 for PCs.



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            I feel the same way. It would be nice to know that I just had to wait a couple months, or if it was even in the works. The last person I spoke to at B&N said that there was nothing coming and they were waiting to see if there was interest. I laugh because if they read these blog, and the Microsoft blogs, there is lots of interest. Their complacency has moved me to consider rooting my Nook color. Then I can download the nook app, for my existing library, and kindle apps, for all future books. I read about half of my books on my old phone when I couldn't or didn't half access to a large ereader.

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              I've just upgraded to a Nokia Lumia 925 and the first thing I went to do was download the Nook app.  Guess I'm not the only one who was surprised to find there isn't one.  Seeing the Kindle app, I took a look for the books I'm planning to purchase.  All of them are cheaper from Amazon.  The last book I purchased for my Nook is also cheaper on the Kindle.  Looks like Barnes and Noble's decision not to support these devices has cost them a customer.  I'll be picking up a Kindle once I've finished reading the books I've already loaded on my Nook.