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    3 nooks in my possesion, all broken, what should I do now?

      I got a Nook HD for Christmas and all was well until a few weeks ago when it started having battery issues, it would lose its charge in 30 minutes or less. I called customer support and then sent me out a new one (certified preowned of course). The second nook had a really noticeable yellow tint to the screen, anything in white shows up as yellow. I called again and they sent out new nook #2. This one arrived yesterday and gave me problems right away, it couldn't seem to get through the startup process. It finally resolved itself while I was on the phone calling customer service. But again, when compared with my original nook the color is still yellow. Not quite as bad as the first replacement nook, but still yellow and I'm not happy. My question is what should I do now? I'm running out of time to send my original nook back to the company before I get charged for it (14 day window). Do I call and ask for a supervisor? I'm not sure how much the reps are understanding my issue due to the language barrier, but I'm not sure how to resolve that. If I bring my 3 nooks into a brick and mortar Barnes and Noble store will they be able to help me? Does B&N have a twitter account that is responsive to issues? Is this yellow tint normal?