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    Purchased book question - "loosing" books because of changes

      I bought my NT because of readings for class (worst week, over 750 pages) and have bought some books for reference as well.


      The problem is, I've read that if your credit card number changes (like the card was stolen and you get a replacement), or if you change the credit card number "on file" with B&N, you can't open the books you purchased any more.

      If that happens, how do you fix it?


      When I purchase a book, it's permanent (for keeps, just like buying a hardcopy version), and this concerns me that B&N will decide sometime in the future to make changes which are supposed to make us purchase "updated versions".  I don't play that game.  What sort of guarantee exists that  if we buy a book, we won't have it locked out in the future - and what resources are available to prevent the sort of scenerio I've mentioned?