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    NY Times E Subscription Service is Down - Yes, No, going around in circles

      I received a rather strange email from B&N yesterday morning indicating that my NY Times subscription was suspended because my credit card was invalid.  I've had the subscription since February and up until yesterday everything was fine.  A quick check of my account confirmed what I knew all along - there was nothing wrong with my credit card, everything was up to date. 


      I called B&N Customer Service this morning to find out why I received the email.  The rep confirmed that my credit card was valid, but the NY Times subscription service was down.  She did not know when the service would be back.  I asked her if my subscription would be extended by the number of days the service was down (at this point, 2 days), she switched me to the "digital" support department for an answer.  The rep I spoke to in digital support told me that a) they did not know when the service would be back up and b)  My subscription would not be extended the number of days the newspaper was not available.  I said to the rep "That's not right, I'm paying for a service for which I am not getting the product and I'm not getting reimbursed for the unavailable service?  That is not right."  He put me on hold to "find out more information".  I'm still on hold.....


      Has anyone else experienced this situation?