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    Features Request thread

      I've probably given up to early but I can't find a thread where we can submit features requests for upcoming

      Nookcolor software releases...for instance.


      Someway in which to list books we would like to come back to, but don't want to fillup our memory with samples or add to our wishlist, as we might not "want" the book (until we can come back to it)  Maybe something in the extras area that can be called up when shopping that we can add a book to.  It would list title, summary, date viewed and possibly even a notes area we could joy notes in to remind ourselves why we want to look at the book.


      Which leads me to my second suggestion:  It would also be awesome to have something like Notepad (preferrebly access to Evernote) to make notes with either the installed keyboard or a stylus.


      And lastly:


      A CALENDAR!!!!!  I've never owned an electronic device that doesn't have the means for at least a rudimentary calendar.  It would be much nicer to have a calendar that can be sycned to say Google Calendar (or I even suppose Outlook for those that like that sort of thing).  I love the Nookcolor, it's bben tied to my hip since gettng it...but this no Calendar thing really really bugs me.


      Thanks and again sorry if I didn't find this correct thread to post this to.




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          I would like to expand on your calendar request - I NEED a timer!!! I get sucked into reading and completely forget that I need to do things like laundry etc.  I would love an app that you can set a timer and that would give an audible alarm when the time is up. 


          My ITouch has one and I really count on it when I am listening to music.  I don't want to have to have 3 devices to read a book. (nook, Itouch for timer, and phone)

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              An image app that will show only images in a single folder... simple... easy navigation of images.


              SLide show would be great, except it shows wvery image on nook including covers, canned images, etc.  


              AN IMAGE APP to show off great photos on the great screen.


              AN IMAGE APP

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              The ability to archive or delete the nook guide books would be super!
              • Profiles for test set-up

                I'd like to see a way to combine Text size, Font, Color, Spacing, Layout and Brighness into one-click profiles.


                Every evening in bed, I change to Night and reduce the Brightness to about 5% so I can read in bed without keeping my wife awake.  Every morning, I change to Normal and bring the brighness back up.  If my wife pinches my Nook it always comes back with her preferred setting.


                It would be great if I could just clck, say, Profile, Him-Night or Profile, Him-Day.


                Does that make sense?

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                    One thing that annoys me is that you have to remove ALL your bookmarks, notes and highlights (or none). I would love to have the option of marking one (or several) and have the option to remove all, remove marked or none.


                    A note pad app would also be great!


                    Copy/paste of text!!! Typically I am reading something, want to google it, would be great if I could copy the text, name or whatever and paste it into the Google search on the homepage, or into a note pad app...


                    Some kind of printing capabilites from a note pad app, bookmarks and Notes and highlights would also be great

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                      BTW "Profiles for test set-up" should have read "Profiles for TEXT set-up".

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                      Support for Flash and the ability to delete unwanted wireless networks permanently that show in the list, a better contact manager that allows for address, phone #, etc,...ability to edit photos in a more useful manner, ability to view videos other than just MPEG4...

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                        Two things that would improve the nook experience greatly would be to activate the bluetooth capability (wireless headsets etc) and improve the browser so tht you can see the browser bar even when you scroll down (it would improve navigation greatly between pages, access to bookmarks...).