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    Opening attachments in e-mail or on facebook

      When I click on a pic someone has posted on facebook there is an option that says View Full Size. I have clicked on them in the past and they download full size & I am able to view them. I am now getting a message that says "unable to download, windows had exceeded that maximum number of downloads?" I have done this less than 10 times. Nothing is saved on internal memory (pics)So..it can't be a memory issue. I literally have 20 total pics in my picture gallery on the harddrive?? Has anyone else ever gotten his message?

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          Have you tried going into the settings menu and shutting the extra windows?  Or what about clearing the cache, history, etc?  There is a limited amount of memory available for browsing and if these things aren't cleared up regularily the device doesn't work properly. (think of it as housekeeping/clutter control).  You could also try the always popular "reboot", in other words shut the NC down completely and then power it up again, this clears out quite a bit also.

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            Or maybe, you need to clean out the "downloads" folder on your NC.  Unfortunately the only way to do this is when you have your NC hooked up to your PC then navigate to the folder (not your picts folder, but there is an actual "my downloads" folder) and clear out all the downloads.  Don't know if this would help, but was just a plausable theory to your issues...

            (P.S. i have had issues in the past by not cleaning out the "downloads" folder on my NC, you would be amazed at what ends up in that folder just by looking around on the internet....)