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    Sync with iPhone/PC apps, wishlist issue

      To the NOOK techies - I just got my NOOKcolor yesterday.  I've been using the NOOK app on my iPhone for about 2 months now, so I'm in the middle of reading a book there now.  From what's been said, I thought that NOOKcolor would register to my account and then auto-sync my bookmark and last page read from the book I've been reading on my iPhone.  It has not done that.  I even turned off my NOOKcolor completely and turned it back on, hoping that would jog it to sync.  It did not.  I also de-registered the device, logged out of BN.com, and then logged back in and re-registered the device, making sure I used the same login (which is, btw, the only BN login I have).  No dice.  I found my spot on the NOOK, read 2 more chapters and bookmarked, then today checked my phone and PC apps - those are still bookmarked where I left off on my phone last, not picking up the 2 chapters I read on my NOOK.  Am I doing something wrong, or is this a glitch that is being fixed soon?


      I also looked, out of curiosity, for my wishlist under the Shop quick link.  It says I have no books on my wishlist despite the fact that I've added over 100 books to my eBooks wishlist on the BN website.  I noticed in another thread that the NOOKcolor wishlist is totally different from the BN website wishlist.  Um.  Why?  That's really dumb.  If I have an eBook wishlist on the website, why WOULDN'T it show up on my eBook reader?  What's the deal?