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    New Yorker Magazine

      Is the New Yorker on NookColor.  It shows up online and says it is available on Nook.

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          Apparently not yet.  Magazines that are formatted for NOOKcolor will say "NOOKcolor" not "NOOK."  Ones that say "NOOK" are only formatted for the classic model.  Take a look at National Geographic and you'll see that it says it works with NOOKcolor and nothing else.  Take a look at PC Magazine and you'll see both NOOKcolor and NOOK listed - it works on both. 

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              And this makes absolutely no sense!  An emag for the nook (classic? justnook?) is just an epub file, so it should be readable on any device (cough, Android!, cough).  There is no reason in business judgmnt, technical capability, or common sense, to deprive a subscriber of the opportunity to read purchased content on a compatible device.  Seriously.