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    Anyone else having issue managing subscriptions


      So, I got a free NST awhile back in a deal to subscribe to the NYT for a year. 


      I just wanted to check to see when I'd subscribed.  Can't seem to do it.  I can find the individual NYT issues, though I've archived all but one now.  But there is no option to cancel. 


      I've tried going to My Account - Account Settings - Manage Subscriptions.  And MyNooK and finding the NYT in my library.


      Both actions lead to my Nook library online, which only has the one NYT issue that wasn't archived and various books.  No option to cancel anything.


      Just spent a bit chatting with a "vicky" who while kind and all, did not ultimately solve my issue.  She also 'hung up' on me because I didn't respond fast enough when she had apparently decided my issue was not something she could help with.

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          Here's a Cnet article, that shows the offer was good through March 9th of last year, so I would assume that the annual date for you would be fairly soon.


          I believe that the cancel button is indeed hidden for that subscription deal, and this is to hold you to your subscription so you can't back out of it and just have a free Nook.  I would assume that the cancel button would reappear once your obligation is fulfilled.  Too bad Vicky didn;t let you talk to a supervisor, I bet they would know or be able to find out for sure...