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    After 1.4.3 update, sound no longer works. Tried factory reset, no dice.

      The 1.4.3 update automatically installed the other week, but as I use my nook color infrequently I didn't really notice. I picked it up yesterday, and there was what looked like unsolicited spam from B&N in my notification area. I cleared that, and then tried to play netflix. Netflix would load, allow me to select a video, but then wouldn't play. Videos wouldn't start at all. I'f I skipped ahead some frames would load, but very slowly, and without any sound.


      So then I looked deeper, and none of my sound was working in any app. Not even notification sounds, page turns, or anything played. If I plug in headphones, I get a hiss from the right channel, and nothing from the left. This is not normal at all.


      How do I downgrade to 1.4.2 so I can get my nook back? Or is there another solution? I've already hard reset the thing twice, and that really pisses me off because all of my angry birds progress is wiped away AGAIN. I don't think I'm ever going to buy another game for the NC, because it seems every few months I have to wipe the goram thing and start fresh all over again.




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          Restored to 1.2.0 using the boot interrupt method.... no dice. It still doesn't play any sound, and video is extremely choppy. I think the nook is hosed. 


          If B&N will give me a deal upgrading to the HD, I'll stay with B&N. If not, I'm moving to iPad most likely.



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              Chopper Charles,


              Unsolicited spam is probably just some app company doing spam.


              There are a few that have started doing it. Just search for 'malware' to see some threads. Thought it's not malware, just spam.




              I can't think of any reason the sound would be hosed. An update should not blow up the sound card or sound processor or whatever it is that handles sound for Nook.


              Speakers failing right around time of update? Seems rather unlikely.



              I think B&N will offer you an update deal for HD.


              HD+ had a $50 off sale this last weekend I think.


              I think HD also has $30 off sales regularly. SO if you just wait for a weekend like that they you're likely to get even more of a discount.


              For games losing data on reset.




              Though CS recommends reset for lots of issues, some of the time they aren't needed.


              What issues did you have earlier that required resets.


              For reference, I have Color and Tablet since launch and have never reset either. Just tried other things and gotten them working the few times there were problems.