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    Can't change password on Yahoo acct on Email App

      Help please! My Yahoo email account was hacked and i had to change the password. B&N customer service told me tochange the setting on my NC by going to the account on the nook, then deleting the email account and then adding it again. Except now my NC won't accept the settings. A box pops up saying the server won't accept the username or password. Customer service tried different settings and none worked. They then gave me a Yahoo email customer service number and they said it wouldcost me $180!!!!!!! How do i get my Yahoo email back on my NC? HELP!
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          It shouldn't cost you anything. Who said it would cost anything?


          1) Are you trying manual set up for Yahoo or are you just entering email and password?


          Yahoo has lots of problems on Nook Color.


          These are the settings that worked for me to set up manual.


          Please try these:


          Aah, unfortunately my Nook is out of charge. I'll add tomorrow.


          You can just search for yahoo mail in the forums and other people have shared settings.



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            This is the information from here


            Open the email app, and enter your email and your password


            Tap 'Manual Setup'


            Tap 'POP3'


            POP3 Server- pop.mail.yahoo.com


            Port - 995


            Security - SSL


            It's up to you if you want the NC to delete the emails it downloads from your Yahoo account.  If you do so you will not be able to access that email from another device, I would advise not deleting.


            Tap 'Next'


            SMTP - smtp.mail.yahoo.com


            Port - 465


            Security - SSL


            Check the 'require sign in' then tap 'next'


            The rest should be pretty straigh forward, it's how often you want the NC to check for email, if you want it to notify you when you get new email, and name the account (you can put your name here, it's just for your information really).


            Tap 'Done'


            Enjoy your Yahoo email.  Entirely free.

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              Reading your post reminded me that I haven't reinstalled my yahoo account on my NC since I changed the password recently. So I deleted the account and tried the automatic install, but got the same error you got. So I tried the manual method, using the POP server option, but that didn't work either. Finally I tried the IMAP option on the manual install, even though the account is a POP3 account. That worked, so you might want to try it, if you haven't already. I didn't change any other settings, just the POP/IMAP setting.


              Hopefully your account hasn't been hacked again. Have you logged-out and back in to your account on your PC to make sure someone hasn't changed your password?


              Good luck.  Keep us posted.

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                Thanks everyone for your replies. Well, it took me hours trying over and over, but finally the connnection to the server was made and my yahoo email got set up! IMAP worked. But i had tried the same thing over and over before it finally worked. So for anyone having a problem too, just keep trying and eventually it should work. I must have tried 20x. BTW, B&N gave me what they said was a YAHOO Email Customer Service number, so when i called them, they said they could help me, but there was a $180 fee. When I asked for a supervisor, they hung up on me!
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                  Glad to hear to got your account up and running again. These things can really be frustrating. I have a second yahoo account that I changed the password on today and ran into trouble re-adding it to my NC. It is an IMAP account, but I couldn't get the yahoo servers to recognize the password. I tried different ports, even tried POP. Eventually it accepted IMAP even though it had rejected that several times. Sounds like what you encountered. Yahoo servers seem to be very touchy with the B&N email app.  Oh well, all's well that ends well.