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    Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight - OverDrive Media Console

      I wonder if anyone else has had this problem: I would like to use my Nook Simple Touch to read epub books from my local library, which uses the OverDrive Media Console.  I downloaded the app directly from the OverDrive website, and after it completes downloading, I touched the Run button then received the following error message: "Parse error, there's a problem parsing the package"  I downloaded it a second time with the same result.  Basically, OverDrive won't install. 


      Then I "purchased" the app from the B&N site, received and e-mail that informs me that the app will appear on my Nook Home screen.  It did not and has not.  I'm not even sure where to find it if it actually was there - the home screen is very minimalist and displays my current book, suggested titles at the bottom, etc. 


      Can anyone help me resolve this?  I should point out that I do not use Google Play b/c it links to my Gmail and since there's no way to lock the Nook screen, it's a security issue.


      Thank you!