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    Children's picture book formatting

      I haven't found much on children's books on this forum. Anyone have experience with a picture book, or heavy illustration formatting?


      My current book is comprised of all images. I'll be testing it soon with the emulator, but was wondering if anyone knows of known issues. If landscape mode for my book isn't available I'll need to reformat a few pages as well.


      Thanks in advance.




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          I can't find information on how to set up picture books.  Where did you find some:?  What key words/phrases did you use? 


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            Children's epub picture books don't work so well on the Nook (color). For one thing, you cannot view them in landscape unless it's an sdk formatted app like the big publishers use in Nook Kids. Also, there is no zoom in or zoom out capability for Nook epubs. So unless you have a large publisher handle it you're mostly hamstrung with tiny images. If your text is fixed into the image then it's virtually an impossibility to read without being able to resize the image. Hopefully the Nookcolor will soon be able to read epubs with zoom and landscape in the not so distant future. 

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              I appreciate the information.

              I'll check to see if the SDK is available, as I am a programmer. It might possibly help, otherwise it sounds like a children's book in portrait view might be the only option. I'll have to play with a Nook Color to see how well this looks.