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    NOOKcolor Things you Should Know (inspired by Doug_Pardee)

      About Registering:

      Unlike the e-Ink NOOK, you MUST register your NOOKcolor over a WiFi connection before you will be able to use it.


      Using NOOKcolor with MAC Address:

      You cannot access the NOOKcolor’s MAC address until it has been set up and that requires registration over a WiFi connection.  If you need to add MAC addresses to your router settings to use devices, you will either have to register your NOOKcolor for the first time in a B&N store or someplace else with free, open WiFi access, or you will have to disable MAC filtering on your router first.  Once your NOOKcolor is registered you can find its MAC address under Menu/Settings/Device Info/About Your NOOKcolor.



      You need to use the microUSB cable provided with your NOOKcolor.  It has two extra pins to charge your NOOKcolor faster.  According to Barnes & Noble, using an aftermarket cable may damage your device.  Your NOOKcolor will not charge if it is turned OFF.  If it is off when you plug it into the wall it will turn itself on.  It can take 3-4 hours to fully charge.


      You cannot charge the NOOKcolor through the USB port on your computer.  It will not draw enough power to charge while in use this way.  If you leave it alone it may charge very slowly with a trickle charge.  Otherwise, plugging it into your computer will only cause the battery to drain more slowly.


      Back Swiping:

      (thanks to withfeeling and morgman)

      Swipe from right to left on the black status bar, starting to the left of the menu button and going just past the little book icon.  If you need visual help, see this video:




      Sorry about the quality.  I will remake it whenever I get some time.  :smileyhappy:


      Pinch to Zoom:

      You can use this on book covers on your home screen photos, or NOOK Kids Read to Me ebooks.  It cannot be used in the browser at this time.


      My Files:

      To access any file folders you must go through your B&N Library.  Tap Menu/Library.  Once you are in your library, tap My Files on the Media Bar.  If you have a microSD card in your NOOKcolor, tap Memory Card to access those files.  It will be right under the Media Bar after you tap My Files.


      Remove Items from your Home Screen

      Touch and hold the ebook on your home screen.  A menu window will pop up.  Tap "Remove from home."


      Quick Settings:

      Tap the clock on the status bar and the Quick Settings menu will pop up.  You can toggle WiFi, Mute, and Orientation, and adjust the brightness of your screen.


      Home Screen:

      The horizontal scrolling list of ebooks on the bottom of your home screen is the Daily Shelf.  Items are automatically added to this, but you can manually add items as well.  To add something to it, tap Menu/Library.  Then tap and hold on the book you want to add.  When the popup menu appears, select Add to Home.  Press the Home button (n).  Place your finger on the book that is now on your screen and drag it down to the Daily Shelf.  Books can also be dragged from the shelf to one of your three home screens (swipe left or right to see the other screens).


      If you want to remove a book from your home screen or Daily Shelf tap and hold the book and then select Remove from Home from the popup menu.





      To create a shelf, tap Menu/Library/My Shelves, and then Create New Shelf.  Shelves can be sorted by title or most recent.  B&N ebooks and sideloaded ebooks can be added to shelves.  However, sideloaded ebooks may disappear from shelves after rebooting.


      To add ebooks to shelves wither tap Edit from within each shelf and add checks to the books you want to add or tap and hold a book and then tap Add to Shelf.


      Keep Reading Menu:

      On the top of the home screen you will see the name of the last book, file, pr periodical you opened.  If you tap on More you will see the Keep Reading Menu.  This will show the last three books, five periodicals, and three files you opened.  This will only show a category if you have opened something (if you have never looked at a file there will be no file section in the list).  If you want to clear this list, tap Menu/Settings/Home/Clear Keep Reading List.


      Sync Google Contacts:

      If you add or delete a Google contact after linking them to your NOKcolor, follow the following steps:

      Unlink, Re-link, Manually Sync (Library) to get a new contact to appear in Google.


      Closing the Browser:

      Tap the menu icon next to the star favorites icon, tap Windows and then tap the "x" in the corner.  While another window will open at your homepage, it will close your current window.


      Get Sideloaded ebooks to display covers:

      (Thanks to Caffeine247) 

      1) Import books into Calibre.

      2) Be sure that covers are properly displaying in Calibre.

      3) Open .epub file in Sigil.

      4) Make no changes, but do select Save.

      5) Back in Calibre, convert item(s) from epub to epub.

      6) Send to device.


      Covers then should display properly.


      Soft Reset:

      If your NOOKcolor begins to have issues, the FIRST thing you should try is a soft reset:

      • Press and hold the power button until the NOOKcolor turns off (ignore the prompt asking you if you want to turn it off and keep holding the button).  This usually takes 5 – 10 seconds.
      • Press and hold the power button for 2 – 3 seconds to turn it back on.


      Frozen NOOKcolor:

      There haven’t been a lot of reports of frozen NOOKcolors, but this is what Technical Support told me when mine froze:

      1.  Plug your NOOKcolor into a wall outlet.

      2.  Press and hold the "n" button.

      3.  Press and hold the power button for 15 – 20 seconds.

      4.  Turn it back on, if necessary.


      Master Clear/Factory Reset:

      (thanks to xda-developers)

      Turn the NOOKcolor off. Then hold the NOOK button and the power button for 30 seconds, turn the nook on, then hit the home key twice when asked to factory reset.  Press the Home key to continue with the reset, or press the power button to cancel.


      If you do this you will have to reregister.


      Restore Your NOOKcolor to Factory Settings:

      (thanks to xda-developers)

      1.  turn the Nook completely off
      2.  turn it on and immediately on seeing the first message "the future of reading" press and hold the power button until it turns off again
      3.  repeat this 7 more times for a total of 8
      4.  on the 9th time, let the Nook completely reboot without holding the power button - you will see a message saying "installing a software update..." and after this everything will be back to factory new (the system will be totally restored)

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          This will not replace the NOOKcolor User Guide, but it should help with some of the more common questions asked here.


          I will update it when necessary; please add any tips you have too!  :smileyhappy:

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            Great job, Nallia!  Pinch to zoom also works in magazines, if you care to add a note about it.  :smileyhappy:

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              This along with Doug's should be stickied... it would help with repeat questions.  I'd like to add some things.


              1.)  You cannot add covers to sideloaded books with DRM, ie from Sony.  The solution above only works with non DRM files. (or at least I haven't seen a solution and I have looked and looked)


              2.)  If you want to factory reset, and you can get to the settings section, you can go to Device, Erase and Deregister.  This will take your Nook all the way back to the was it was out of the box.


              Thanks!!!  R

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                This has been sooooo helpful to me since I have had my NC.Thanks!!!

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                  Great list!...


                  Using Calibre to download/add covers works great!  I sometimes had to go on B&N and 'find' covers for some of my Gutenberg books but once I did that my shelves are now starting to look awesome on my NOOKcolor.


                  I still have a long way to go, not to mention learn how to use Calibre to manage my eBook library outside of my NOOKcolor.

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                    Very well done. Should help a lot of people. I am new to ebooks, but I already love a lot of the Calibre features. Comes in handy, I just added a bunch of covers to side loaded books this past weekend, using tips i saw on these boards(although I did it without Sigil, just using Calibre). Figuring out book covers and RSS Feeds.... a fun way to spend a weekend.

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                      It would be great if we could get a moderator to sticky this thread.


                      I have one....

                      It's in the manual and it is simple but I glossed over it, so maybe some others missed it too.


                      While there appears to be no home button in the web browser, it is possible to open a new window, which will open to your homepage.  You can also move between open windows.


                      In the web browser, upper right menu button, select windows from the menu.

                      You can open a new one, change to a different one, and close old ones you are no longer using.





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                        (Thanks, Nallia)


                        Hi fellow Nook Color users,


                        Just thought I'd pass along a few tips/things that I have learned since acquiring my Nook Color a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, this is nothing that you find in a Nook Color Manual or even an unofficial Nook Color guide that you download (learned that one the hard way!)  Don't get me wrong, the manuals are helpful for some things, but it leaves a lot out.  So here is my amateur attempt: 



                        1) Create playlists to have nook color play more than one song at a time


                        Found this out by accident, after selecting the music app or even accessing music from your folder (sd card or nook drive), hold your finger/stylus down for a few seconds on the song that you want to hear.  A menu will pop up (options: Play; Add to playlist; delete; or search).  Select add to playlist.  A new menu will pop up (options:  Current playlist; New).  Choose whichever option you like.  After creating the playlist, you can select the 'multiple lines' icon and select the playlist that you have created. 


                        2) Place songs in the order that you want to have them played


                        When you place your finger near the left or right side of the list of songs on the playlist or main song list, a little icon with multiple lines appears.  If you select a song when the icon appears and drag the song to another line, the song will move to that line.  So, if you have a song that is #2 on the list, you can select/hold that song and drag to line #4 for the song to play fourth in the list.  (Note, this is only for when you play songs in order, not using the play random icon.)


                        3) Changing your web browser home page


                        (B&N might not be too happy with this one, but I still frequent their page daily.) 

                        At the top of the web browser screen, select the multiple lined icon in the far right hand corner.  A pop up window will appear.  Select "more options" and then "settings".  A list of different page content settings will appear.  (Feel free to change whatever you like; however, these instructions are for the web browser home page.)  Scroll down the page and select the "set home page" option and a pop up window will appear.  Type the website address in the pop up window that you want to set as your web home page. 


                        4) Don't forget to properly eject your SD card


                        Select "settings" from the main menu (arrow above n); select "device info"; "SD Card"; and then "unmount SD card".  Your nook color will make a "chime" sound and grey the first two options when your SD card is ready to remove.  (Dunno, just makes me feel good to do it this way before removing.)   


                        Well, that's all of the tips that I'll share for today.  Till next time, happy nooking!!!! 



                        (post is also under NookColor Technical Discussion - http://bookclubs.barnesandnoble.com/t5/NOOKcolor-Technical-Support/A-few-Nook-Color-Tips/m-p/824134)

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                          Has anyone else come across a pop up menu in the web browser offering options such as select all, copy and a few others? I have accidently gotten it to appear a couple times and it looks usefull I just can't figure out how i did it.
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                            jdigriz wrote:
                            Has anyone else come across a pop up menu in the web browser offering options such as select all, copy and a few others? I have accidently gotten it to appear a couple times and it looks usefull I just can't figure out how i did it.

                            Tapping and holding on the browser will bring it up when you're tapping on words in certain places.  It doesn't work everywhere in the browser window.

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                              I have been searching the blogs for information on how to get back to the front page of a book on my NOOK Color.  Can you please help me?



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                                I'm not sure when it started, but pinch to zoom is available in the web browser and has been for a while now.

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                                  Hey thanks for this information I am sure I will keep coming back as I explore and usemy NooK Tablet

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