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    First Free Friday Turndown!

      This is the first Friday since I got my Nook in January that I've turned down a Free Friday book.  Scandal Sheet was just one toke over the chick-lit line too many for me.:smileyvery-happy:


      Still, in eight months, that's a great record.  Free Fridays are fantastic,and have introduced me to many interesting books and intriguing authors I might have missed.  Looking forward to next week!

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          I took a pass on it as well.  Too many other better books to read right now.  Hard to pass up something free, but not worth the clutter on my Nook to download a book I know I won't read.

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            I skipped this one as well. I'm not interested in romance. But I have downloaded quite a few other free books and have been very pleasantly surprised. I've had my nook for about 2 months now and have over 120 all of which were free except for 2.

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                I dont read a great many of the free downloads, but I always download them just in case I want to read it or one of my friends might ask about it.  I would love for them to do like "First In Series" free fridays where they may feature the first book in a variety of series (not just romance or fiction, but many genres) and that would open up new books to a lot of people.