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    Why isn't the Nook HD released internationally?

      Practically every tablet manufacturer has released their tablets globally. The iPad and Nexus 7 are available all over the world, so why is the Nook still stuck in the US and UK? Barnes & Noble won't get much global recognition (or marketshare) if they ignore the rest of the world.
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          Good question.  It may have something to do with local laws (DRM), or even having to translate everything into that country's language (and some countries have more than 1 official language--Belgium and Switzerland, for example).  Ever use Microsoft Word in France?  It's surreal--you see the same icons, dropdown menus, etc, but of course commands are in French.

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            Mainly, it would be because B&N doesn't have a shop for each country.


            Remember, the iPad and Nexus are sold mainly as general purpose tablets by companies with global subsidiaries. B&N is primarily a US-based /bookstore/, and the Nook is sold as an e-Reader (with built-in B&N shop).


            Due to contracts, B&N may not be able to sell books in another country -- especially if the publisher hasn't released the print version of the book in those countries (not to mention changes like UK: Philosopher's Stone vs US: Sorcerer's Stone). B&N would have to 1) have a presence in those countries [eg; a "shop" specific to the country] and 2) obtain contracts with the publishers to match the releases of those countries. Then the Nook could be registered to the local subsidiary [determined by CC number and billing address] and access the shop. Just look at the hassles the UK release is encountering.