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    Books/magazines/newspapers disapperaring from my nook

      My books/magazines/newspapers keep disappearing from my library both on my nook and online.  I have spoken to technical support 3 times about this and the rep cannot figure out why.  When they go into my account, they say it shows the books were deleted.  I'm the only person with access to my Nook and I'm certain that I didn't delete them.  They reload my books, but say they cannot reload magazines and newspapers.  This is very frustrating.  Anyone experience a similar issue? If so, what was the solution?  I'm not convinced that the technical support person knows what they are talking about.

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          Do you have the Nook HD or the Nook Tablet?


          This is what MIGHT work for HD (low chance).


          When on the main screen slide your finger down from where the time etc. are listed at the top right.


          You'll get a Menu.


          Choose Home Settings.


          On Home Settings page check the four types. and below change how many subscriptions to keep to more than just 1.




          This is what might work for Nook Tablet (again low chance).


          Do a restart.


          Power Off: Press and hold power button for 20 seconds.

          Power On: Press and hold power button for 4 seconds.