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    Nook HD+ Notifications

      I have turned off notifications on my Nook HD+ numerous times, but it keeps turning itself back on.


      How do I turn notification off PERMANENTLY?





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          I'm having the same problem. I literally cannot bring my Nook HD+ anywhere in public because of the audible notifications. I turn them off in settings, but when I go back in to make sure they are off, they are on. This can be repeated over and over. It seems notifications cannot be turned off if you want to leave the settings screen. You can push the slider down for the volume of the notifications. But that too randomly resets. 


          It's starting to feel like I may have made a mistake buying this. Don't get me wrong, I love my glowlight to death. But this Nook HD+ is strictly a home use machine because of the constant audible notifications. Considering I have computers and a smartphone, that means that this tablet is almost useless. 


          If an update is released that fixes this, I can start taking this in public without random audio alerts chiming at the most inopportune times. If that's not in the cards, I may have to root it. 


          Please B&N, fix this extremely annoying problem. 

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            I have a Nook HD and have the saaaaame problem. The notifications are incredibly annoying ... especially the constant Wi-Fi notifications. It drives me nuts when I'm trying to read or do something online and have notifcation after notification dim the screen and pop up a small window. I do just turn my notification volume off so that isn't an issue, however. I, not sure why you don't just do that?
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              all settings > general > scroll all the way down > set notifications to OFF.

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                I sleep poorly and, like now at 4:45 am, like to read my nook HD+ but no matter how many times I change the settings, the notifications turn back on! I do have the main volume turned off, yet when I turn the nook on I hear the notification sound and sometimes it goes off at random in the night so I must turn the while thing off, so I must wait for reboot to read.

                I've turned off the notes in settings.
                I've turned down the notes volume.
                I've turned off auto updates.
                I've turned off syncing.

                NOTHNG BLOODY WORKS!
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                  I've set notification sound to 'off' dozens of times. Sometimes it will stay off for days. Then it will randomly turn on-at the loudest volume, of course.