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    bn.com NOOKbook search limitations

      I've noticed a couple of peculiar limitations in the interaction between NOOKbook and search:


      a) pubit.com lets you enter 5 category classifications for each book, but then bn.com doesn't seem to do much with them.  The categories under NOOKbooks aren't complete.

      b) some keywords are remapped to category pages that don't include NOOKbooks.  Try, for instance, searching for "poetry" with the search seat to NOOKBooks, and it takes you to a poetry page with no NOOKbooks on it.

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          I know, don't you just love the search engine? Doh!  My favorite part is when you search for some category in Nookbooks, refine the search and narrow it down to 1,000 hits but there's no way to filter it further.  Grrrrrr!  Like the average buyer has time to wade through 1,000 books.  I'm amazed that Barnes & Noble actually sells any books online.  The only way I can find anything is if I happen to know the author and title ahead of time.  *slaps and slaps them*