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    how Do you Use Your nook Other than....

      ....to read books? Surely with the new firmware upgrade, there are lots of uses that the Nook has other than book reading! How do you use yours?




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          I've always used my NookColor for a lot of other uses besides just reading a book (although that remains my favorite use). These include (just to name a few):


            1. Email
            2. Check Facebook
            3. Check the weather
            4. Browse the web
            5. Show off photos
            6. Save important documents I need to carry with me like medication list to Dr. office
            7. Have a handy calendar which I sync with Outlook with The Missing Sync for Android
            8. Play Angry Birds
            9. Read this message board
            10. Chat with friends using Facebook chat
            11. Read recipes I store on it while cooking
            12. Listen to music (though not very often)
            13. Post book reviews on Goodreads
            14. Access my desktop with Splashtop Remote (coolest app ever!)
            15. Share docs via DropBox
            16. Post on Twitter
            17. Read news on Pulse
            18. Keep to do list on Fliq Tasks - sync with Outlook
            19. Keep important notes in Fliq Notes - sync with Outlook
            20. Track flights on FlightView
            21. Watch YouTube videos
            22. Check out movie times and trailers
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            I use it primarily to read books and comics, and I have several books on there for the kids. I do like the crossword appear and just added Minesweeper, which I always enjoyed. I also recently put my favorite movie on there so I can watch that.
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              I have full Android access via CM7, so in addition to reading books, with the Nook Color, I. . .


              read magazines, read comics, listen to the radio, catch up on the news and weather, follow a to-do list, check and send e-mail, play games, listen to Old Time Radio shows, listen to the police scanner, watch TV and movies, send and receive free text messages, check my voice mail (via Google Voice, which my cell phone is linked to), read the Bible, update and look at my photo album, check Craigslist, learn Spanish, and check my Paypal account.

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                Well, lets see....


                It makes a pretty fair coaster

                Its an ok mirror

                handy as a clipboard (minus the clip)

                handy as a  low power flashlight


                ok, ok, photo viewer,

                check weather,

                watch videos

                read this forum

                check wifi availability before  pulling out the laptop


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                  Well the Biggest reason I went to CM7 SD card method was to get a better ereading & Web browsing experience. Having more capable ereaders like Aldiko or Moon+ makes for a better ereading experience. Having the Dolphin HD browser is a major improvement for web browsing.


                  80% - eReading

                  10% - Web & Email


                  Rest is a mixture of ocassional angry birds or a game. Video Movies tho have yet watch a full movie so probably not needed for me.


                  Biggest with rooting was able to have local apps like Trimet Bus Schedules,Google Streets for out & about. And local Weather,News apps.


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                    It is very handy for checking sports scores and less bulky than taking a laptop everywhere. Also very useful for sending emails while out of the house.

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                      I use it mostly (90+%) for reading books and magazines, then followed by:

                      • Reading news (Pulse)
                      • Read other misc docs (Word, PDF, powerpoint)
                      • Weather check
                      • Quick checks of email, facebook
                      • Occasional Youtube video
                      • Occasional game: Crossword or Scrabble

                      I am using the stock 1.4.1 firmware.

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                        Browse web, including catching up with web forums, watch anime at Crunchyroll.com, manage my Netflix mail queue ~ also sometimes the streaming queue, since Roku doesn't do that as well ~ browse to Phillip DeFranco's youtube channel to clickety clack that like button, something else you can't do with Roku ~ play Pandora, and play sudoku.


                        Lots of Pandora, really ~ even when browsing on my netbook, the Pandora on the Nook means I can get up and make a cup of coffee or some lunch without taking off my headphones.


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                          I have a CM7 rooted NC, and the biggest use I have found for it yet is using the Teamspeak app so I can see which one of my friends are talking when I'm doing some online gaming on my computer.
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                            In the morning, my NC is a Web browser.  I read my fourums, blogs and news sites (and the comics of course.)  In the evening, it's a reader--books I've bought, free books and library books as well as magazines.  On vaction I boot into the Android side with the N2A card, and it takes the place of my laptop.  In addiction to the usual AM/PM functions, it allows me to download and work the NY Times crossword puzzle and to entertain myself on long drives with Angry Birds and a few games.