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    Unsolicited sample porn books on my Nook account

      I have recently been receiving a deluge of unsolicited samples of porn books on my Nook account. This issue is absolutely unacceptable for my situation, especially as I run a small private elementary school where many of my students have Nook STRs connected to my account. I would not want my students to have access to any of these books, or even see the titles for that matter.There is absolutely no chance that any of my students downloaded these books; aside from the fact that I know them all very personally, I have protected my account from purchases with a very cryptic password.

      I have since changed my password to another cryptic sequence, but I am fearful that this will happen again. That's about all B&N could suggest in my situation.



      Has anyone else faced this issue recently? If so, how did you deal with it?


      Thanks in advance,