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    NOOK for PC

      I am not sure what I've done wrong but I can't seem to "find" my books that I downloaded into the folder labeled with my email address (and, I suspect, my account ID).  Then, when I go directly to the folder and the files, I attempt to open them using the Nook app, and I am getting a "....filename///stuff///epub" is not a valid Win32 application. 


      I am certain I've set this up incorrectly being that I'm technically handicapped.  Help please!

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          Well, I'm not the most tech savvy person I know, but I'll have a go at this one.  Plus, a new post on this thread may bring it to the attention of people who can REALLY troubleshoot this for you.  :smileywink: 


          Let's make sure the easy stuff has been done first.  Do you have a shortcut to the program on your desktop?  If you do, doubleclick on that, on the left click on Settings, then click on account settings.  Make sure you're signed in with the same email address you gave BN.  If you just weren't signed in, this should magically make all of your content appear.



          If that's not the problem....


          What system are you running?  And where, exactly, did you put your folder?


          For example, my operating system is Windows Vista.  In order to get to "My Barnes and Noble Ebooks", I go to Libraries, Documents, and the folder is there -- a top level folder.  Inside that is a folder labeled with my email address, and inside that are all of my epubs, however BN puts them on my computer.  I don't mess with that system.


          Where is the program itself?  Mine's under Computer, Local Disk, Program Files (x86), then the folder Barnes & Noble.  Inside that is BNDesktopReader.


          Hope some of this is helpful.  Any folks really good with computers want to give this one a go?



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            Nook for PC does not set the associations of epub, pdb, or PDF to point to itself.  And it doesn't work very well even if you set them manually.


            Instead open NOOK for PC (should have Icons and items in the normal all programs Barnes and Noble folders).


            Note if fo some reason your Nook for PC fails to show the books then you have an incompatible database.  This happens if you jumped from any of the earlier B&n Ereaders prior to  For those cases either uninstall then reinstall (the recommendation of the admins) or delete the database


            For vista and windows 7 where your id is YOURID thats

            \Users\YOURID\AppData\Roaming\Barnes & Noble\BNDesktopReader file ClientAPI.db

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              This has been a bear.  I can't find any instructions on how to use noon for PC.  I want to move books around in the library, but it doesn't drag/drop.  I want to rearrange the books.  Not many features, and crappy instructions.