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    Not showing Covers?

      I'm not trying to be a jerk, but there has to be thousands of posts complaining about the previous nook not showing covers of your own Ebooks. So I have this beautiful full color screen to look at all my uploaded ebooks as file icons under files?


      Seriously this is a major faux pas again. Is there any resolution to this or am I really going to have to eventually root my device to get the functionality that should have been provided?

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          This is currently my only major gripe.  When I sideload my epubs with Calibre to my old nook the covers are there, but not with the nookcolor.  Very frustrating.

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            Hello - I read thru the comments on this site and others, and did the following with success -


            - SOLUTION -


            1)  Use Calibre to convert to Epub a second time "even if already an Epub" and "even if you already converted it once with Calibre".

            2)  This step may not be needed - but I Moved the old "Original epub file" out of the folder Calibre has it in.

            3)  Then I connected Nook to computer and used Calibre to remove the ebooks not displaying the covers from the Nook (and I verified gone from the mapped drive - you can use either way to remove/copy - either Calibre or Windows File Manager)

            4) I turned off Nook and then back on without USB connected, then plugged in USB to computer.

            5) I copied the newly "re-converted" to Epub ebooks to the Nook and voila, covers on every single one.


            - END SOLUTION -



            -  I had ebooks from different sources that I side loaded onto the Nook simple touch.

            -  Many were already in ePUB format when I started, yet for some reason most all of them (about 20) they showed as generic cover in the Nook.

            -  I used Calibre to convert the "already ePUB ebook" to ePUB and it created a new ePUB file in the same folder as the old ePUB file and Calibre also renamed the old file to "Original Epub" so it was easy to identify the new and old one.

            -  One interesting thing was that almost all of the "re-converted to Epub" books was a little smaller in KB than the original. Scrolling thru the pages it looks like all is there however.

            -  I probably didn't need to, but I removed the old "original" labeled files to another folder to avoid confusion.

            -  And I also don't know if I needed to power on/off the device between the deletes and new adds, but I wanted to be sure.

            -  I know you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, but it's so nice to have the original cover showing now!